I loved Pixy Stix on Halloween

Every Halloween I would go Trick or Treating with my friend and at the end of the night we would do a candy trade. It was the perfect time to unload candy for ones you liked. Pixy Stix were disliked by my two best friends, so it was very easy for me to pick up almost all of them for a chocolate bar, which I always did.

I wish I had a Jack O Lantern to store them in when I got home…



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One thought on “I loved Pixy Stix on Halloween

  1. Alphacentaurian says:

    This is one of those “heard it from a friend” stories, but it’s still pretty hilarious. A friend at work a few jobs back said he had a friend who was stupid enough to take any dare they offered. One day, they dared him to snort a pixie stick. The dupe apparently did in one stroke, and then exclaimed:
    Still, I still consider my brother pretty mazzo. He would suck down a super atomic fireball in one go and not even flinch. Plus, he still likes Thrills gum (yuk).

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