Have A Howling Good Time With The Wolfman Mystery Game (1963)

Image courtesy of SeriousToyz,com

Image courtesy of SeriousToyz,com

A big thanks to SeriousToyz.Com for finally putting a name on a board game my cousin and I used to play at our Grandparents’ house back in our youth. I knew it had a Wolf Man but I just couldn’t remember the exact title of this Hasbro game, it didn’t help that there was no cover or instructions, as you can see from the date of the game it had been in the closet for some time and I guess it originally belonged to one of Aunts or my Uncle when they were kids.

Image courtesy of Spirusk of BoardGameGeek.Com

Image courtesy of Spirusk of BoardGameGeek.Com

In this photo supplied by Spirusk of BoardGameGeek you can see there were two spinners, one to dictate movement across the board and the other to govern monster encounters.

Image courtesy of Joey Myers Flickr Page.

Image courtesy of Joey Myers Flickr Page.

Thanks to this image from Joey Myers Flickr Page you can get a really good look at the player pieces and that delightful 1960s Wolf Man artwork. I still haven’t found the official game rules but I assume you try to be the first player to reach the end of the board. However…my cousin and I would start on opposite ends of the board and when we would meet each other we would spin the numbered dial to see who won the brutal fight between the fearsome Lycanthropes!

I don’t know…I think I made up game might have been more exciting.


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3 thoughts on “Have A Howling Good Time With The Wolfman Mystery Game (1963)

  1. plcary says:

    Your grandparents were cool! The only game mine had for me to play was checkers and Carroms. Actually Carroms was a lot of fun.

  2. That was the same Grandparents, Plcary, that had the King Kong board game that I talked about before on the site! I’ve sadly never played Carroms…I’m going to have to remedy that I think. Thanks for the heads up on it! :)

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