Hilarious House of Frightenstein


This Canadian horror themed comedy show from 1971 is apparently a cult classic, though I myself only heard of it for the first time via the internet a few years ago. It is a sketch comedy show, with segments surrounding different characters such as; Count Frightenstein, Igor, the Professor, an explorer, a witch, the Wolfman, and others.


IMO, the best segments are the ones with Vincent Price (yes, this show features Vincent Price) and the Wolfman segments. The Wolfman plays the part of a DJ, obviously parodying Wolfman Jack, and plays recent (at the time) songs. The songs are accompanied by Wolfman and usually Igor dancing in front of a psychedelic background.


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One thought on “Hilarious House of Frightenstein

  1. Fraze says:

    I grew up in the city where this show was filmed and we NEVER missed an episode, loved the Librarian and the Professor. If you didn’t know already Billy Van (who played almost ALL the characters on the show) went on later to do a very cool Computer show called Bits and Bytes … check it out if you love retro computing!


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