“Suspiria” US Theatrical Trailer


As a young person, I would not have gone out of my way to watch something as terrifying as Susperia, but it happened to be one my sister’s favorite horror films. So almost like clockwork around this time of year, she would make a trip to the local video store and come back with a copy. When I would ask her what she has, she would whisper in a scary way…..Suspiria!

That sent me running for the hills back then, but now I can handle a healthy dose of Dario Argento. If you have never seen it, I suggest you add it to your Halloween movie queue.




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2 thoughts on ““Suspiria” US Theatrical Trailer

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Suspiria bursts out of the screen with its garish color schemes, hypnotic and assaulting music tracks, and unsettling dreamworld vibes.
    Watching this, you get absorbed in its surreal world and feel like you never fully woke up from its nightmare, years after the experience.

    The story doesn’t make that much sense, the acting is standard Euro-horror (though my longtime crush on Jessica Harper is as eternal as the sounds of screaming banshees in my head awakened by the name of this movie), but it’s an unforgettable rite of passage to become a true Horror Fan.
    And I envy anyone who sees it the first time (and any other time afterwards).

    Like all good horror, best taken in darkness, good sound quality and no interruptions.

    For some good Argento storytelling on top of scares, though, I’d push fans onto Tenebrae.
    More soberly filmed (except for one wild, non-sensical camera-pan-one-take moment) but just as unforgettable.

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