Retroist Podcast – Episode 146 – The Twilight Zone

On today’s show we talk all about the Sci-Fi TV classic, The Twilight Zone. I talk about the show’s creator, its writers, the people in front of the camera, its reception, remakes, the nature of The Twilight Zone and much much more. I am joined this week by metagirl who covers the Retroist Top 5 episodes of The Twilight Zone. Vic Sage returns with another great Why Should I Know this Person. This week he covers the tragically short life of writer, Charles Beaumont.

This is one of my favorite TV shows of all time and I am very happy that I am able to cover it (finally).

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6 thoughts on “Retroist Podcast – Episode 146 – The Twilight Zone

  1. Man, “It’s a Good Life” is so tough to watch, even when I’ve seen it several times and I know what’s going to happen. It’s just a scary concept.

    And while I love the Twilight Zone there are a lot of really weak episodes. I generally try to pick the ones I like and skip the rest when I’m watching on something like Netflix.

    Can’t agree with Time Enough at Last as #1. It’s so corny and the twist is far too over the top ironic. My favorite Twilight Zone is “Nick of Time”, the other William Shatner Episode. The horror is much more understated. They’re trapped by their own fear.

  2. Very difficult to narrow it to 5, but these five I enjoy watching multiple times so I guess they get the honor:

    Nick of Time
    The Shelter
    The Midnight Sun
    What You Need
    The Silence

  3. jamie says:

    hey retroist its been a ehile great podcast loved it alot . ive got the twilight zone fan favorites on dvd. after listen ing to your show it really does want to make aperson want to watch a lot more twilight zone. it really is an eye opening show. maskes you really think. isnt it funny retroist how someting the twilight show can effect u like that. oh and metagirl u were awesome too hi my name is talking tina lol and im going to kill you. your alot of fun metagirl. your list and you taling about them are so great keep up the good work. tell next this is jamie signning off.

  4. I have to comment on this one. I recently began slowly watching Twilight Zone again on Netflix and its a real treat! I remember as a kid watching Twilight Zone the Movie as a kid renting it at the local VHS rental stores in my area. I found it disturbing and just plain weird. The 80s Twilight Zone came on late in my market and as a kid It was a show I would always watch with the sheets over my head during half the show!This episode of The Retroist podcast was honestly one of the best yet!

    Loved the top five as it gives me a great starting point for my viewing ahain! Thanks for this magic podcast it is truely a ride into our childhood and that is true magic!

  5. philip says:

    the ultimate episode: The Lonely (season 1, ep. 7) this one as a child made me fall in love with the possibility of humanoid companionship.

    The After Hours (season 1, ep.34) mannequins. nothing else need be said.

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