Archie Andrews has a new Ghost Friend


Back when I was around 9 or 10 I got an old Archie comic, nothing odd about that. What stood out about this comic though was the last story, “Jogger Jill”. This story is about the ghost of a girl who died while jogging at a bad section of road, “Coffin Curve”. She comes back to warn other joggers of the danger, and winds up saving Archie from the same fate she had suffered years ago. After this, they straightened the curve and she disappeared.

At the time, I found this comic very unsettling. I even went so far as to cut the pages out & throw them away. I have regretted doing that in the years since and have sometimes sought the name of the tale or what issue it had been published in, but without luck until today. Fortunately I not only found the information on it, but some scans of it as well. Now you too can share in this ghost tale from America’s favorite freckle-faced klutz, just it time for Halloween.



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2 thoughts on “Archie Andrews has a new Ghost Friend

  1. Max Power says:

    Maybe Riverdale should do something about the drunk drivers on the road, rather than re-engineering the road.

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