Living in Huntsville, Alabama in 1987? I will see you at the Star Trek Ball!


We still do not have a new Star Trek TV series, but that has not stopped television stations from running the show in reruns. So why are these stations not running fancy Balls for Star Trek fans anymore? I did not grow up in Alabama, but I can tell you this, if I was within bus or walking distance of this event in 1987, I would have been the first in line and I would have won that “flight case”, which looks a lot like a metal suitcase. Hmm, upon further watching, I think these prizes are not “official” those “Captains Logs” look a lot like metal clipboard with stickers on them.


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One thought on “Living in Huntsville, Alabama in 1987? I will see you at the Star Trek Ball!

  1. Jason says:

    I grew up in, and still live and work in Huntsville. In 1987 I would have been 12. Unfortunately, I didn’t appreciate Star Trek then like I do now. Like most kids that age, I was more a Star Wars fan.

    That said, I’m totally not surprised that something like this happened in Huntsville. We have a huge population of engineers and scientists due to NASA’s Marshall Spaceflight Center, and the US Army’s Redstone Arsenal. Just this morning on my way in to work, I saw one Star Trek bumper sticker and one Trek Jesus fish.

    Keep up the good work. My older sister and I love the podcast.

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