“It’s a hard knock life” from Annie the Motion Picture


My cousin received a copy of Annie on VHS in the 1980s and I went over to watch it with them on “Premier Night”. I cannot remember how I felt about the movie before that viewing, but afterwards I was hooked and I would go over their home whenever they were going to watch it. Which during the first month was almost every day. Eventually the watching became singalongs and eventually we start re-enacting the scenes. As the only boy in the “acting company”, I did not get any of the better songs/scene, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. Still I dreamed of the day when a gender swap “Annie” sweeps the nation and I can finally put on that orange wig and knock everyone’s socks off.

Cold mush for everyone!


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3 thoughts on ““It’s a hard knock life” from Annie the Motion Picture

  1. How timely this post is! I’ve already watched “Annie” twice this week with my daughter (and was thinking about writing about it).

    “You lock the orphans in the closet”- Daddy Warbucks
    “They love it!” – Miss Hannigan
    (such a great moment from the song “Sign”)

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