The Perfect 1982 Apple II Work Nook

To be in the warm embrace of 1982 technology like the freelancer was back when this photo was taken would be a dream. Can you spot any tech you recognize or still own?

Prehistoric Desktop tools. Apple II & Minitel. Ektachrome 1982.

[via] Jean Paul Margnac


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3 thoughts on “The Perfect 1982 Apple II Work Nook

  1. Ark says:


    Setting a new goal now; my office to look like that in… six months. Well, that plus a map of the Grid printed out on the green an white striped dot matrix paper on the wall somewhere.


  2. Zelig says:

    I didn’t recognize the network terminal on right immediately, but the caption on Flickr says it’s a Minitel. If you aren’t familiar with the system, it was a 1980s publicly run network service in France that operated through 2012. Unlike online services in the states in the 80s, which appealed to mostly a niche audience, Minitel provided the French with broad exposure to online communication early on.

    I have to say, the whole set up there looks very cozy. And I like how it shows electronic and print resources living side by side. It makes me want to settle in for some intense writing and research.

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