Don’t be a Mr. Bungle


I have seen Lunchroom Manners at least two dozen times in my life and it always gives me a chuckle. I mostly remember it from Pee-wee Herman, but I also have some vague memory of this getting played on a late night show. Maybe Letterman or SNL or something local? My favorite part is when Phil is thinking about how messy his hair is and he is pulling this tiny amount of hair out-of-place to prove it.

Are you a Mr. Bungle?


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8 thoughts on “Don’t be a Mr. Bungle

  1. Chris Ayers says:

    All I ever think of when seeing this name is Mike Patton’s first band, Mr. Bungle, before he joined Faith No More. Godly music!

  2. Chris Ayers says:

    Patrick, that is AMAZING! I saw them live in the late ’90s and was flabbergasted at their virtuosity. Patton was a maniacal bandleader who prompted every movement of each player. Still haven’t seen any band like them!

  3. Yeah, Mr. Bungle was pretty nuts. Never saw them live, but we had a challenge ahead of us when we did “Travolta.”

    Still listen to that first Bungle album – so good. Patton is seriously a musical brainiac with one of the most amazing voices.

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