Star Team Action Figures – Knight of Darkness

I have only heard about the Knight of Darkness action figure, but I have never seen one in person. It was released right after Star Wars and it does have a Star Wars Darth Vader vibe to it. I am not sure I would have been fooled into buying it at the time, but I think a parent could have been pretty easily. I would not have been too happy to find this under the tree at Xmas. But nowadays, because they were trying so hard to make it look like Star Wars, makes me want it more.



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8 thoughts on “Star Team Action Figures – Knight of Darkness

  1. Friends of mine had the ENTIRE set. I can remember playing with them.

    I recently asked them if they had kept any of their toys and they had unknowingly given away all of the STAR Team many years ago.

  2. I had everything in that ad except ZEM-21 and I loved all of it! The flying saucer was so cool with it’s “automatic” ramp/robot deploy mechanism. And the bots’ domes lit up. I remember thinking they were kinda Dalek-y.

    And Vader rip off or not (but who are we kidding?) Star Knight is an awesome toy!

  3. Tom says:

    I had completely forgotten about this toy and seeing it instantly brought me back to a time when I loved having this bad ass looking black dude.

    Thanks for some true retroism. :)

  4. Lance says:

    I’ve got a Knight of Darkness still. The silver spot on his chest is pretty worn. Underneath the clothes is a black plastic version of the Captain Action body. I snagged it pretty cheap from antique store. Sadly they wanted an arm and a leg for the ZEM 21 they had. Doubt I’d ever buy one regardless of the price as the neon green head on a silver chrome body makes me twitch when I look at it.

  5. I had him and he was awesome! His similarity to Vader inspired me to make up creative reasons for his existence in the Star Wars world. However, the fabric of his costume was so thin, it seemed to melt in my hands while playing with it.

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