Abrams ComicArts And The Retroist Present – Star Trek: The Original Topps Trading Card Series Giveaway!

Image courtesy of the Topps Company and Abrams Comicarts.

Image courtesy of the Topps Company and Abrams Comicarts.

Thanks to our friends over at Abrams Books who have been kind enough to allow us to boldly go and give away a copy of their recent release Star Trek: The Original Topps Trading Card Series to one lucky fan.

If you missed it you can find my original review of the book here. At the moment you have to be wondering what hoops we are going to make you jump through to earn a chance to obtain the book. Will we make you videotape yourself reenacting your favorite original Star Trek TV moment? No. We are going for the simple route this time, my friends. All you need do is supply in the comments your favorite Star Trek character from the original TV series. Just that easy!

Star Trek - Original Cast


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14 thoughts on “Abrams ComicArts And The Retroist Present – Star Trek: The Original Topps Trading Card Series Giveaway!

  1. angela(toao) says:

    Well, that’s a toughie. Kirk of course was the very DEFINITION of awesome. Uhura was the first woman that I ever saw on TV that I wouldn’t mind being when I grew up. But… Spock. It was always Spock. I really connected with his “I don’t really fit in with any of these people but I do my best” plight when I was a kid. (Hell, I still do.)

  2. NOMAD the demented space probot!
    When I saw that episode for the first time (in syndication) I was only 4 or 5 yars old and it had a great effect on me.
    I felt sorry for NOMAD who was only looking for ot’s creator- and as a little kid I saw it as looking for it’s mommy and daddy.
    It made me sad. :(
    And when Nomad was tricked by Kirk into a logic subroutine loop overload and they beamed him out into cold space to explode all alone- it made me even sadder.
    As soon as the show ended I immediately drew a picture of Nomad from memory, taping several sheets of paper together, so that I had what i assumed was a lifesize crayon rendition of the little, misunderstood space probe.
    I ? NOMAD

  3. Steven Daniel White says:

    I would have to say Spock. Analytical, logical, and yet from time to time he is inandated with emotion but uses his logic to supress his human side to maintain his more logical Vulcan side of himself. If only we all could be more like him maybe our species and civilization would strive to be more than what we are now.

  4. Matthew Dugger says:

    I think the answer to this question changes every day, or at least every time I’m asked. Today is definitely a Montgomery Scott sort of day, though.

  5. mwentworth says:

    As a kid and now as the guy who keeps the wheels on in a large facility, it would be Scotty. But, maybe just because Evil Spock only made one appearance.

  6. Atari Adventure Square says:

    What? I already *made* a tape!
    Actually, I just opened my closet door and all my winter sweaters dropped on me – as I recreated the classic Kirk-awash-in-Tribbles moment which still tickles my inner Trekkie (I’m an outer Trekker).

    But I had to step in and mention my favorite *memorable* character not in the cast – crewman Kevin Riley.
    He who crooned “I’ll Take You Home Kathleen” as the ship dove into oblivion; he who hath historically-motivated hatred for a Shakespearian actor in one of TOS’s most intriguing ‘ship shows’.
    The life-on-a-starship aspects of the show were brought to life in these moments.
    Made me appreciate even more the journey my friends in space were taking, boldly going where I would one day wish to be.

    And yeah, I’d probably be the one with some drunken space-sickness, warbling incessant nostalgic tunes until they put me in the brig.

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