The Artwork Used For This 1981 Space Fortress Flyer Belongs On The Side Of A Van!

Images courtesy of the Arcade Flyer Archive.

Images courtesy of the Arcade Flyer Archive.

In my youth I received a book of Spaceship art and even though at that point I couldn’t read I would sit in the living room and just stare at the photos and make up my own stories for each illustration. When I stumbled on this arcade flyer for Century Electronics (Dazzler, Cosmos) over at the Arcade Flyer Archive I had the same kind of feeling that I used to have when flipping through that art book. The artwork presented as the Space Fortress on this flyer deserves to be the side art on someone’s van!

Space Fortress B - Arcade Flyer Archvie

I’ve never had the pleasure of playing Space Fortress in the wilds of the arcades back in the day but thanks to this YouTube video from Old Classic Game we get a good look at it. It had speech!

Now there was a second flyer released by Century Electronics for other countries, you do not have the van artwork on this one but you get a good look at the game cabinet.

Space Fortress C - Arcade Flyer Archive

So which arcade flyer do you prefer?


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2 thoughts on “The Artwork Used For This 1981 Space Fortress Flyer Belongs On The Side Of A Van!

  1. vinvectrex says:

    I’m with you, Vic. That first flyer is gorgeous. And, it would definitely class up the side of any van. My highschool carpool buddy had a van this would’ve been perfect for. The spaceship would’ve been the perfect accent for the orange carpet inside.

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