1975 Mercury Cougar Commercial starring Farrah Fawcett


If you wanted to sell something in the 1970s, Farrah Fawcett was a good asset to have your side. I remember this particular Mercury Cougar because an old guy on my block when i was growing up had one, but never seemed to drive it. But every day during the summer he would be out there washing it and in the winter he stored it inside. When he retired and moved to Florida he sold his car to a teenager who slowly but surely wrecked it. I remember walking past it and seeing it rot and thinking how sad it was to see it go downhill.

It was certainly not a car that Farah would have been caught driving.


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3 thoughts on “1975 Mercury Cougar Commercial starring Farrah Fawcett

  1. That was a depressing story Retroist. My day begun with depressing news and reading that didn’t make things better.

    Perhaps I can tweak the story to make it happier…

    After finally wrecking the car, the teenager moved on to other vehicles. Each of which suffered from poor gas mileage. His weekly gasoline tab would run into the hundreds, no matter how efficient the car. It was as if someone, or some THING was tweaking with the engines. No matter how many mechanics examine it, nothing can wrong could be found. It was as if something supernatural was affecting the vehicles’ performance.

    Perhaps the spirit of the 1975 Mercury Cougar.

    Ok, feelin’ better now ;)

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