Care Bears - Banks B - Sears 1984

In 1984 Did You Want Care Bears Banks? The Sears Wishbook Was The Place To Go!

Care Bears - Banks - Sears 1984
The Sears Wishbooks that I would pore over almost every waking hour, laying on my stomach in the living room of my Grandparent’s house always offered items that begged to be added to the Christmas list…even if they weren’t toys. Like these awesome Care Bear banks and photo frames from the 1984 Sears Wishbook, though granted I would possibly have an issue today from drinking out of the open head of Funshine Bear.
Care Bears - Mugs - Sears 1984
Care Bears - Banks B - Sears 1984
Care Bears - Photo Frames - Sears 1984
Not only could you order Care Bear products from that page…but Ziggy items…Ziggy!!! Was 1984 the best year or what?
Ziggy - Sears 1984
Care Bears - Ordering Info - Sears 1984