Hats off to Straw Hat Pizza


I had never even heard of Straw Hat Pizza until I lived in California and I only got to eat there once. I thought it was a fairly new chain, but after checking out their website, I found that they had been around since the 1950s. In the 1970s they unleashed their Hot Hat Stuffed sandwiches upon the world and as you can see in this commercial, it was quite an event.

Sadly they no longer dress like this at Straw Hat Pizza (not a straw hat to be seen), if they did, they would rocket to the top of my list of favorite pizza places.


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2 thoughts on “Hats off to Straw Hat Pizza

  1. reerun25 says:

    I think Hot Pockets came out in early 1980, and as a side note, I have not tried one since, who knew they would take off… We could be eating Straw Hat Pockets!

  2. Chris Ayers says:

    Turns out there’s a Straw Hat about a mile from my wife’s parents in the Valley…and I’m thinking that she’s been withholding this fact from me! I’ll definitely check it out on our next trip to L.A.

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