The Nintendo Cereal System was a Winning Breakfast Combination

Nothing beats playing your NES while eating NCS. In 1988, Ralston Purina, the fine folks that brought you “Purina (insert Horse, Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Pig, Monkey, Little Brother) Chow”, brought the Nintendo Cereal System to market. It featured Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda. The box was divided into two halves. The Super Mario Bros had fruity flavored Marios, Goombas, Bowsers, Koopa Troopas, and Super Mushrooms, while The Legend of Zelda side had berry flavored Links, shields, boomerangs, hearts, and keys. You got a sticker of a Nintendo character in every box, and on the back, you could cut out “Power Cards” and trade them with your friends!

If you were lucky, you could win Power Pads or a Super Mario cereal bowl. Here is the TV commercial..


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