Kodak Diskettes, A New Legend Begins

While this box and its contents might not seem too thrilling to a modern audience, to a 1980s computer jockey like myself, they meant the world. They meant storage and access. Perhaps “borrowed” games or at the very least games I write myself. I recently did a major purge of my vintage computer possessions and among the things I let got were hundreds of diskettes, many of them with this bold yellow Kodak label.

They were a black square of double-sided, double density heaven. A legend indeed.


[via] Jamie (jbcurio)


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10 thoughts on “Kodak Diskettes, A New Legend Begins

  1. I did not sell any of them, but gave most of them away to a few clubs that expressed some interest in digging through them. So I think they all went to good homes.

  2. Actually, I think I recall you saying that before. Clubs? Wow, that in itself sounds retro. Never was able to find a “computer club” locally as a kid. I do know I was the ONLY one on my block to have a computer in the 80s.

    I was always envious of the kids who were using floppy disks at home. Felt inferior to them because I had to use tapes or as Coleco referred to them, “digital data packs”.

  3. Haha, I fell in with some good guys back in the day. The head of the club was very tech savvy and setup a BBS for the crew to use. We’d do meetups every few months, people would bring their systems (computer, disk drive(s) and a small TV/monitor) and games and do some drive to drive copying. There were a few that were more tech-heads and would crack software if straight up copying didn’t work.
    Good times!

  4. It was quite some time ago and I can’t recall a lot of details. I think I should be able to . I’m not that old and have never done anything to damage my brain!

  5. Derek says:

    I rember how expensive disks were at first – like $5 each. Would go to local apple dealer every few weeks to copy a new Eamon adventure game over the old one..

  6. Very pricey. When a store called Computer Land opened in out town, the guys who worked there, would occasionally have some freebies to hand out and blanks were a HUGE treat.

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