Stay Alive – The Board Game


We played board games as a family growing up, Life, Mousetrap, Monopoly, and many others. I got the game Stay Alive as a birthday present, not sure from who, but I liked the game, and we had fun playing it. Looking back, the commercial had a little dark tone about it, maybe it was just the announcer’s voice… I am the sole survivor!

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10 thoughts on “Stay Alive – The Board Game

  1. I LOVED this game. And totally remember that “I’m the soul survivor” kid.

    I think they needed one more beat in that commercial – where that kid stands over the torn mangled bodies of the others, waving someone’s bloody tibia as his trophy.

    Just a thought.

  2. I’m with Patrick. Then after he waives the bone, he falls to his knees and begins sobbing, muttering “I’m…I’m the soul…survivor…”
    Then you hear: “Jimmy, time for lunch!”
    The kid then shrugs, wipes the blood off his hands, and skips off screen…

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