Kyle Robert’s Stop Motion 1966 Batman Intro Brings The Pow!

Image courtesy of Kyle Roberts.

Image courtesy of Kyle Roberts.

We’ve featured the stop motion works of Kyle Roberts in the past and he continues to target retro themed projects with his latest work, the intro to the classic 1966 Batman TV series in stop motion thanks to the Mattel Toys classic Batman TV Series line!

Kyle also supplied this bit of information from his YouTube Page: “Oklahoma City-based folk band, O’Fidelis, lent its musical talents to cover the catchy “Batman” theme song and Nathan Poppe once again supplied hand-drawn backgrounds to complete the fun.”


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3 thoughts on “Kyle Robert’s Stop Motion 1966 Batman Intro Brings The Pow!

  1. Richard D. Irving says:

    That 1966 Batman t.v. show intro satire sucks! It should have Adam West and Justine Bateman in the roles of Batman and Catwoman!

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Fun stuff.

    I think Shaggy is doing undercover work amidst the baddies.
    Like, yeah.

    And there’s also a Vulcan-lookalike in a Spock ‘do facing off against the dynamic duo.
    Of course we know he’s not the real thing, cuz he’d be two nerve-pinches away from a villainous victory.

  3. Agreed, Atari Adventure Square! You really can’t get enough Stop Motion in your life and when you throw in the Mattel toys and all of the guest appearances, you have some very fun stuff. I figured the Dynamic Duo was going to be hard pressed when facing against Elvis myself.

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