Pepsi goes Plastic

I personally have always preferred Coke products, but I have to hand it to Pepsi, they introduced the first plastic two-liter soft drink bottle in 1970. Up until then, you were lugging heavy glass two liter bottles around. I know if my Mom drove like this, I would have gone to the store with her. Poor dog…

The design has not changed much, other than there used to be a separate base glued to the bottom, the actual bottom of the bottle was rounded, and would not stand on its own.


Sprite Bottle Image [via] Neato Coolville on Flickr


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4 thoughts on “Pepsi goes Plastic

  1. I had no idea pepsi was the first to have plastic jugs. I do however remember the seperate base, I used to pry them off and use them as sifters in the sandbox.

  2. Max Power says:

    I’m surprised that Dodge Aspen survived the drive. My parents had the Plymouth Volare wagon (the same car, except for trim), and it regularly lost pieces as you drove it.

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