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Do you like gangster movies? Wait don’t answer that yet. What about one that is set in the 1920s? Yes? Well I have the movie for you, just one more thing. This movie stars children…

At some point in the 1980s, they started showing the 1976 British Musical “Bugsy Malone”. I found it difficult to not watch it whenever it was on. Nowadays whenever is all the time because “Bugsy Malone” is available 24/7 on YouTube.



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2 thoughts on “Watch Bugsy Malone Online

  1. One of my favorite movies of all time. I have the Region 2 DVD and the soundtrack. Paul Williams’s music is so cool and jazz age meets 70s studio groovish.

    Also – debate time.

    Does the Splurge gun use marshmallows?


  2. Two things of note – I recently watched Angel Heart – ALSO directed by Alan Parker. The opening shots of both films are very similar. I think without Bugsy, there would have been no Harry Angel.

    Also – I binged viewed my VHS copy for many years – which was recorded from a broadcast on WFLD TV Channel 32 in Chicago. I remember that during each commercial bumper, the announcer would say the film starred a young Michael Jackson! Well, he was right. However, it wasn’t THE Michael Jackson. Just some kid with the same name whose only credit on his IMDB is listed as Bugsy Malone.

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