Early 1980s McCall’s Costumes Featuring E.T., Gizmo, and The Ewoks!

Images courtesy of the Subterranean Terrors of Gaston LeBoux Blog.

Images courtesy of the Subterranean Terrors of Gaston LeBoux Blog.

It might be a little early to think about what kind of costume you might be wearing this upcoming Halloween but if I may, I would suggest you get your hands on one of these McCall’s do-it-yourself costumes from the early 1980s! The only real problem I foresee is the choice of going as an Ewok, E.T., or Gizmo from Gremlins.
ET Costume - Gaston LeBoux

Ewok Costume - Gaston LeBoux

A huge thanks to the The Subterranean Terrors of Gaston LeBoux Blog for the heads up on these wonderful vintage costume ideas!


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6 thoughts on “Early 1980s McCall’s Costumes Featuring E.T., Gizmo, and The Ewoks!

  1. Earblast says:

    In 6th grade, my grandma used one of those pattern kits for my Jawa outit. That must have been around 82.. Really slick.I must have been the worlds tallest Jawa.

  2. What sort of ancient evil dreamed up that E.T. costume, and those Ewoks bring to mind the “filler apes” they would use in crowd scenes in the Planet of the Apes movies where they would just slap an ill-fitting mask on some hapless dolt that wandered to close to the set…and holy crap, look at the size of the cardboard box ol’ Giz comes in! Does that poor child have to lug that prop around door to door just to get a stale Bit o’ Honey and some of those things that looked like Peanut Butter Cups as they dropped into your bag, but turned out to be filled with left over sludge from Larry Cohen’s The Stuff?

  3. Scary? My friends what about these costumes are you finding so frightening? Why just look at that loveable E.T. costume…well…maybe not that one. How about Gizmo? How fluffy it looks…ok…maybe not that one either. Surely the Ewok are THEY’VE GOT THE DEADLIGHTS! ;)

  4. Yeah those Ewok costumes are all sorts of wrong. Horrific if you ask me! Some costumes are just not meant to be home made! Good luck making that ET face! I can see many a parent messing that up and kids all over america wanting to send ET back home ASAP! LOL.

    Fun post gang!

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