Demolition Man Action Figures??


I went to a flea market this weekend and while wading through a pile of fast food premiums I came across a Simon Phoenix Demolition Man Action Figure. He was in rough shape, so I didn’t pick him up, even though I was sort of interested. I passed, but it sparked my collecting interest and when I got home I started looking online for figures and I found a nice little toy line that is small, affordable and despite the popularity of the movie, sort of obscure. I am tempted to pick up a set and then setup my cryo-lab for some cold water action figure hi-jinks.

Anyone own a set or have looked into buying them?


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One thought on “Demolition Man Action Figures??

  1. TheSixMillionDollarJedi says:

    I’ve never understood action figure lines marketed to children that tie in with an R-rated movie.

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