Image courtesy of Will Petrey.

Mighty Orbot By Will Petrey!

Image courtesy of Will Petrey.

Image courtesy of Will Petrey.

I have commented before on my love of the 1984 ABC Saturday morning TV series The Mighty Orbots, though I still think it’s a crime that it only lasted a single season. Thankfully we have other fans like the talented Will Petrey as this illustration from his deviantART page of the Mighty Orbots combined form is absolutely fantastic!

Since you are here, why not join me as we watch the fourth episode of the series entitled ‘The Dremloks’?

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2 thoughts on “Mighty Orbot By Will Petrey!

  1. You are quite right, Julian Orbit! The voice of Robert Simmons is indeed none other than Barry Gordon who was also the voice of Inky from the Pac-Man animated series amongst many other animated series.

    Don’t forget though that the future voice of Ratchet from the Transformers, Don Messick, supplied his voice for Crunch as well. :)

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