Do you Remember Venture Stores?


Venture was based in the Midwest and went out of business in 1998 after being around for 28 years. I never had the opportunity to shop at a Venture, but from what I see in this commercial, this is exactly the type of store my family would have frequented. If it wasn’t, after I spotted the Atari center in this commercial, you would not have been able to shut me up until it was.


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9 thoughts on “Do you Remember Venture Stores?

  1. plcary says:

    I loved shopping at Venture in Springfield, Mo as a kid. They also had a great snack bar with with huge bags of fresh cotton candy. They were called monster bags, featuring a picture of a wide mouthed monster.

  2. F.J. McCloud says:

    Venture was one of the last “good” big box stores (if there ever was such a thing, in retrospect). I cannot speak to their financial condition or corporate beauracracy, but I did see Venture’s collapse coincide with the rise of Target and Wal-Mart by the mid ’90s.

    For anyone not familiar with Venture, picture Target.
    Target has a red motif and usually some kentacohut fast food.
    Venture customers were greeted to the black-and-white stripe regalia on the outside, an orange motif inside, and the smell of fresh popcorn at their junk food counter.

    In the prosperity of the 1980s, Venture’s aisles were healthy. Giant ceiling racks full of bicycles for sale. Well-endowed toy aisles. Healthy video game selection throughout even the 16-bit era. Heck, compared to today’s big box stores PARING DOWN departments to cram supermarkets inside, Venture was stocked far better.

    Venture outlasted other big chains of the era, but not by much.
    I saw a large, brand new shopping mall in a well-off neighborhood fall victim to a cursed list of dying tennants:
    Child World
    Crown Books
    Montgomery Ward
    (bonus points to anyone here who can name the mall from this list alone!)

    Venture, in the same city, outlasted all of them, but not long enough.

  3. Kurt says:

    F.J., your list sounds a lot like the store lineup at One Schaumburg Place, but maybe that is just coincidence.

  4. FJMcCloud says:

    Wow, you win! I didn’t think anyone would guess that. Always played second fiddle to its neighbor but it still beats the lame strip mall there now. I miss the nearby Venture, too.

  5. Kurt says:


    Well, I worked at Office Depot in OSP all through high school. Spent many lunch breaks at Montgomery Ward or eating in the food court. We also used to get movie tickets to the theater if we got a 100% on our store item location tests.

    I agree, Streets of Woodfield just isn’t the same. And, I too miss Venture.

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