Barbie Fashion Face


In the mid-1990s I opened a box and was terrified to find a giant Barbie face stating at me. What was so terrifying about this face? My sisters, in their youth had gobbed on a ton of makeup on their childhood toy and the years had baked it in and combined it with dust to give Barbie a terrifying visage. I put it on the kitchen table and watched as each member of my family walked in and saw it and started cracking up. Then after a week of laughter my Mother demanded that something be done with this creepy plastic head. My sisters conferred and then decided to throw their Barbie face in the trash.

She might be gone, but the memories remain.


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2 thoughts on “Barbie Fashion Face

  1. reerun25 says:

    I had a brother growing up, so the Barbie fashion head never made it into my house, until I had a daughter… On several occasions I walked into her bathroom, glaned at the counter, and had the crap scared out of me… Nothing like Barbie watching you do your business..

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