‘Super Metroid’ Animation Short By Dave Rapoza!

Image courtesy of Dave Rapoza

Image courtesy of Dave Rapoza

We have shared artwork before by the ridiculously talented Dave Rapoza. Whether it has been the Masters of the Universe illustrations or his realistic take on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I’ve always look forward to his next piece of art.

Well…his next piece of art was this animation short for Super Metroid!

[Via] Dave Rapoza’s Official YouTube Channel
Along with the uploaded video Dave wrote this description:
“Short I did to try and get the hang of doing a little animation. Learned a bunch and had a lot of fun working on it! Hope you like it!

I know the quality skips around, but I was making it up as i went along, trying to figure everything out :)

*** All of the animation was done using Photoshop and just an editor to put the clips together.”

Make sure to follow the link up top to Dave’s deviantART page and to learn of his new project ‘Skull and Shark’.


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2 thoughts on “‘Super Metroid’ Animation Short By Dave Rapoza!

  1. I am a huge fan of Saturday Morning cartoons and especially the original Video game driven Saturday Supercade line up from the early/Mid 1980s!

    Of course things got a bit more serious with the Captain N: The Games Master / Super Mario Brothers Show in the late 80s!

    This Metroid short makes me think its time for a more adult based series of these video game characters. I think series like Metroid and The Legend Of Zelda are begging for this treatment! Possibly some Metal Gear as well!

    I think a strong 4 show block these days would be:

    Metroid/Zelda alternating block

    Metal Gear Solid/Contra (for audiences 18 and over in the 3rd Person shooter/James Bond espionage mentality)

    Super Mario Galaxy (World Spanning Adventures of Nintendo’s favorite son Mario! I choose Galaxy so that Mario can visit all other Nintendo characters in their own universe! Cheap cop out I know!)

    An updated Captain N Show!

    What do you all think? Can it work with a little late night adult flavor?

  2. Charlton Hero, the very first thing we are going to do when we finally get that Kickstarter going to fund the Retroist UHF station is get these animated series ideas of yours into production and on the air. :)

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