HBO Goes to a Cast Party for the First Day of Shooting for Xanadu in 1979


This video is great because it captures the magic of late 1970s Hollywood, where I imagine parties like this were thrown at the end of every day of shooting. The production seems sort of amateurish, this is after all very early HBO, but the reporter comes out of the gate with a heck of a question. “What is the purpose of this party?” Olivia Newton John seems thrown by the question. After trying a few answers, she comes up with the correct answer, “she just likes to party”.

After Olivia he gets to talk to Gene Kelly who reveals why he is finally getting back into films after a long hiatus.


Garry Vander Voort

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2 thoughts on “HBO Goes to a Cast Party for the First Day of Shooting for Xanadu in 1979

  1. That whole video is worth it for the amazing info that Gene Kelly imparts. He gave up Hollywood when his wife died, in order to raise their two kids. Now, in 1979, they’re teenagers so he’s returning to the big screen. Further proof that Gene Kelly was not just an incredible dancer, but an amazing human being as well.

  2. CA Darlaw says:

    Oh, I’ve always LOVED Xanadu! :) What a great find! I’m wondering if this exclusive Bistro they were at was “Jack’s Bistro”?LOL In regards to the Hollywood parties of the late ’70’s, it sort of reminds me of the scene in Argo where they throw the big kick-off party for the fake movie at the Beverly Hilton :)

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