Godzilla VS Devastator By Dmitry Lapaev

Godzilla VS Devastator - Dmitry Lapaev
The Constructicons were always one of my favorite of the combiner class of Transformer generation one toys, which I always thought was a shame that I never owned any of them. Sigh.

Much like the Mr. T versus Doctor Doom illustration that the Retroist shared last week this fantastic piece of art by Dmitry Lapaev or Ahrrr as he is known over at deviantART makes me wish that Marvel Comics would have had a crossover between their Transformers and Godzilla comics!

Who do you think would win in such an epic throw down? I’ll admit that I’m slightly siding with the Constructicons on this battle.


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One thought on “Godzilla VS Devastator By Dmitry Lapaev

  1. I never had devastator back in the day, but I did find 3 or 4 constructicons at a rumage sale around the BW era (not connection pieces though, so forming devastator was out of the question). I think I still have 1 or 2 of them (although at least one is broken, that chromed plastic on the legs is quite brittle).

    As far as WWW, I would go with godzilla. Devastator is always getting his butt handed to him, whereas godzilla was very difficult to defeat.

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