Get Your Atari 2600 for the low low Price of $138.88 in 1980

My family had two local newspapers delivered every day and I would stare at all the Atari ads and dream about the day the price would drop to a price low enough for my family to pick one up. King Norman’s Toy Kingdom was nowhere near my house, but that price was right on target.

Remember, It’s you against the computer!



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One thought on “Get Your Atari 2600 for the low low Price of $138.88 in 1980

  1. I love how in the ad it shows a 1977/78 Atari 2600 heavy sixer. I think by 1980 they were only selling the light sixer or 4 switch models. At any rate, still a pretty cool advertisement from back in the day. Now get off my lawn :)

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