Help Finance the Restoration of “The Shark Hunter” (1979)


Hey Creeps! It’s your ol’ pal The Ouija Board Kid Daniel XIII here to fill you in on something cool I just found out about, a little distribution company called RetroVision Entertainment! These cats are dedicated to bringing us ghouls some really obscure Italian genre selections, so you know that filled my black little heart with morbid glee! Stop by their website for the latest info on what they have to offer, and if you’re feeling generous, they currently have an indiegogo campaign running to help finance the restoration of 1979’s The Shark Hunter starring O.G. Django himself Franco Nero!


Daniel XIII

Daniel XIII: equally at home at a seance as he is behind the keyboard! Raised on a steady diet of Son of Satan comics, Kaiju flicks and Count Chocula, ol' XIII is a screenwriter, actor, and reviewer of fright flicks! What arcane knowledge lurks behind the preternatural eyes of the Ouija Board Kid?

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7 thoughts on “Help Finance the Restoration of “The Shark Hunter” (1979)

  1. Doc Michaels says:

    These kids (and they are kids — look at their website) claimed they were restoring THE LAST SHARK. What they ended up releasing as a 500 copy limited edition DVD was a rip from a PAL DVD with the colors tweaked. So much for “working with the telecine colorist” amongst other ridiculous claims.

    DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY. Unless you just want to see it thrown away.

  2. Man Doc, I’m sorry you had a bad experience…I do not have The Last Shark, so I do not have any knowledge of the quality of it. I was just happy that they are releasing Italian genre stuff I haven’t seen…

  3. Doc Michaels says:

    Dan, I totally understand why you posted, certainly (and I love this site, which is why I responded). However, this kid (and he is a kid — go to the Retrovision website and look at his “employees”) is playing with fire.

    If you look at the campaign, it states they will receive all funds even if they DON’T reach the goal…combine that with his sham LAST SHARK release, which wasn’t licensed, wasn’t legal, and was nothing more than a rip of the PAL DVD (even though he had gone on other sites trying to laughably claim he was “working with a telecine operator” for it), and I would just hate to see anyone support his efforts. I was burned on his $25 “Last Shark” disc and don’t want to see others likewise suffer the same fate.

    He’s never going to hit $15K and he’s going to pocket the money even if he doesn’t get there. If this was Kickstarter it’d be one thing, but given he’s already released one sham release and since Indiegogo is ripe for scammers…be careful.

  4. tony says:

    please delete my first comment , the statement i made is incorrect , the japanese link is NOT the Castellari flick ! sorry for the inconvenience :/

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