99 Cent Atari 2600 Games


Half-Price Books is a chain of book stores in 17 states that specializes in, well, discount books — but along with books, the stores also carry movies, vinyl records, and video games. Most of the video games are overstock that didn’t sell well in the first place, but there are some used games as well at very affordable prices.

A quick search of my personal list showed that I already own all of these games, but for anyone looking to fill some holes in their collection or just build up a new Atari 2600 collection, these would be a great deal.

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  1. I know most of these are sitting in my parents’ basement but at that price I’d buy a few just to put on my computer desk.

  2. GuitarAnthony says:

    Some good games there. Surprised at the two carts from US Games – Gopher & Squeeze Box.

  3. VicSage says:

    You think those two games surprised you, Guitar Anthony, what about the Mega Man cartridge in the upper right of the stack? :P

  4. There’s goes my paycheck…

  5. Hey, VicSage: That’d be Megamania

  6. mwentworth says:

    Hmm, I need five or six of those games. And I know where to lay my hands on a Photon lunchbox that someone might want………………………..

  7. vinvectrex says:

    Just a couple of years ago one of our local 99 cent stores had bins full of Atari 7800 games, complete and shrinkwrapped. They actually didn’t seem to sell too fast, but of course there are far fewer 7800s out there.

  8. VicSage says:

    Thank you, Scott. To be honest though I knew that I was just being silly. :)

  9. Atari Pac Man was the worst.

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