Del Shannon’s “Runaway,” the Hair Metal Version


In 1986, Renegade drummer Luis Cardenas covered Del Shannon’s melodramatic pop classic “Runaway.” The video is amazing, what with the gigantic tiger-striped drum kit, stop-motion dinosaurs with magic guitar playing ability, cameos from Del Shannon and Donny Osmond (I think), and Cardenas’ mugging. It’s absolutely delightful, but ironically for Cardenas, the drumming parts are not particularly difficult.

“Making of” Video

Brian Boone

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3 thoughts on “Del Shannon’s “Runaway,” the Hair Metal Version

  1. GuitarAnthony says:

    Christ on a cracker, I remember this video! I said why back then and I’ll say why again now. Think that was Donny Osmond in the window calling the cops as in the start of the video, you see his LP on the nightstand.

  2. Not only is that Donny Osmond, but the cop is Del Shannon and the bum is fanzine editor Norman Winter. Funny, this video did not seem the slightest bit implausible to me when I saw in in heavy rotation on Nick Rocks as a kid.

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