You Don’t Know Flack – Episode 139 – The Galloping Ghost Arcade

Episode 139 of You Don’t Know Flack is all about the Galloping Ghost Arcade, located in Chicago, Illinois. I was in Chicago last week for a business trip and was able to swing by the Ghost and check it out.

With 400 games available to play, the Galloping Ghost is currently listed as “the biggest arcade in North America” — even bigger than Funspot! All the classics are there, but even more impressive to me were some of the rarer titles the arcade has on the floor. Every retro arcade worth its weight in tokens has a Donkey Kong cabinet, but it’s been a long time since I saw Ikaruga, Splatter House, or Elevator Action II running at an arcade. Galaga is pretty common at these places; Galaga 3, not so much.

I was 11 years old the first time I basked in the black light glow of a Tron cabinet, simultaneously working the spinner and twitching my trigger finger as I blasted my way into the Master Control Program’s cone. I never would have imagined that some day I would be standing behind my 11 year old son, explaining to him how to do the same.

This year alone I have visited the 1984 Arcade in Missouri, Arkadia Retrocade in Arkansas, Insert Coin(s) and the Pinball Hall of Fame (both in Las Vegas), and Funspot in New Hampshire. How does the Galloping Ghost Arcade stand up to all of those? Tune in and find out!

Link: You Don’t Know Flack Episode 139: The Galloping Ghost Arcade

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