1972 Munich Summer Olympics Poster

You ever see something now and it triggers a flood of memories? Browsing retro stuff, it happens to me all the time, but sometimes the memories are not all that exciting. I was looking through Hake’s websites last night when I found this 1972 Munich Summer Olympics Poster.

The 1972 games were before my times, so I have no memory of watching them, but when I was in elementary school, this poster was on the wall of one my classroom. It was yellowed and slightly damaged, but I remember seeing it often. Why? Because I was given detention from recess for 2 months for losing my books and I had to sit alone in the classroom the entire time. Since I had nothing to do, I would just stare at stuff and this poster was like a giant colorful bulls-eye.

Even when I look at it now, it makes me wish I was outside playing on the monkey bars.



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One thought on “1972 Munich Summer Olympics Poster

  1. JohnnyPopper says:

    As an “Army bray” in Germany, I visited the 1972 Olympic stadium with my Cub Scout troop in 1978 when I was 9.
    During lunch, a few of us wandered off and came across the Israeli apartments where the Munich Massacre took place.
    There was a plaque outside the building and bullet holes could still be seen in the outer plaster.
    Very eye-opening to us…

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