Vincent Price – Polaroid VHS Commercial (1985)

Vincent Price - Polaroid VHS
Vincent Price was a font of wisdom for me in my youth. He taught me the necessary things that I needed in life to prosper…smash human-fly hybrids when I encountered them in the garden, always watch your step around acid pools, and how to fake your death over and over again to throw off the authorities and interloping do-gooders. Though perhaps the greatest thing that the famed thespian ever shared with me was how to avoid dirty video heads by using Polaroid video cassettes!

[Via] WNED17


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2 thoughts on “Vincent Price – Polaroid VHS Commercial (1985)

  1. plcary says:

    Can’t even calculate how many of those tapes I bought over the years. Even though I am now buying nothing but blurays, I kind of miss the vhs days.

  2. I hear ya, Plcary. I still have about 6 boxes full of Polaroid tapes…that I should probably mine for commercials and other various bits of nostalgia. :)

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