Finding Pulsar: The Ultimate Man of Adventure..


Occasionally we tend to surprise ourselves when we dig through some old boxes, photos, files etc. At times we see a special something in those pictures that reminds us of a cool place we visited, that special T-shirt, that awesome Xmas morning or your meeting with Mickey Mouse! All good times..right? There are also those moments where you have absolutely no recollection of events you may be pictured in, or where you go what the heck is that? This is my story of a toy I apparently I owned as I have had vivid memories of a large action figure that’s body was see through and it was a circulatory system!

For years flashes of my memories would always come back to this weird figure that I vaguely recall being in my collection. Conversations with friends trying to explain at length about this memory of a toy I had as a kid to which most responded with either confusion or a sense I was delusional I began to question myself if this figure did indeed exist or did I create it in my consciousness. Scary right? Random Google searches yielded no results that I was looking for. I was about to make peace with myself that I was losing my mind and that it would be my secret. One night while I worked away at my regular blog I was researching an article when in image searching the Bionic Man a random image of this toy popped up! I WAS STUNNED!


Here was the elusive toy. I was sane after all. Still I had no idea what it was, let alone its name. Like an amnesia patient I uncovered all I could about this figure. Finally I found my old toy collection as a child included very briefly PULSAR The Ultimate Man of Adventure!

The figure was very distinctive. He had a very distinguished middle-aged man’s head with bright white hair! The torso itself was clear and you could literally see all of Pulsars vital organs. A button on his back would activate his vital system! His lungs worked, blood flowed through his body and his heart pounded. He also came equipped with an amazing red black and white jumpsuit, which for some reason had no recollection of ever owning. I continued to piece together my investigation.


His face lifted upwards to insert mission disks as well! This figure was jacked! During my search for info I discovered that Pulsar was created in 1978-79 about 3 years after the debut of Kenner’s 13” Bionic Man action figure line. This was Mattel’s answer to the Bionic Man! It’s one of those bad ideas in hindsight that never hit the mark of the original concept. Pulsar was not Bionic..He was… well? See through! This toy was downright weird.

Pulsar was not alone like some abandoned franchises; his nemesis was Hypnos, an alien, also had a removable face mask and a sparking, noisy hypnotic wheel in his chest.

Image via Retroland

Image via Retroland

As I dug in deep I realized that the amount of info on this figure was quite limited but there were a couple of YouTube Gems that helped my cause..

No Bionic Man Knock Off would be complete unless he had his own knock off play set!

We really were not sure if Pulsar was Bionic, if he was a cyborg or even an alien. Not much about this toy and his bad guy counterpart is know. One thing was for certain there are many more questions to be asked to get to the bottom of the origin of PULSAR: The Ultimate Man of Adventure! Any Retroist fans out there have any memories or background on Pulsar feel free to share in the comments section!
Till Next time Heroes!!

Charlton Hero

Long time fan of all things Retro. A child of the 80s who loved Saturday Morning cartoons, Pro Wrestling, TV Shows, and Comic Books. I am also of the proud operator ofThe Super-Hero Satellite Blog on Word Press

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5 thoughts on “Finding Pulsar: The Ultimate Man of Adventure..

  1. earblast says:

    I had a Hypnos as a kid, but not sure at the time I realized it was related to Pulsar.

  2. Great post, Charlton Hero! One of my grade school acquaintances moved away in the fifth grade and for some reason he brought some of his toys to class on the day before he moved to hand them out. Never was sure why he was giving his stuff away…maybe he was going to prison?

    Well, I received the Pulsar ‘figure’ and totally had no idea what to make of it. I do not recall him telling me the name when he gave it to me but he showed me how to work the lungs and make the blood flow so I was more than impressed. :)

  3. A cousin of my had both Pulsar and Hypnos around 1979. It was cool but I remember that my hand got tired after a few minutes of pumping his blood. The mission disks were a cool idea but didn’t work that great and sounded horribly garbled.

  4. Thanks for the comments gang! Amazing this toy is known so little. The figure itself is one of the most unique toys ever released. Those who remember it seem to remember the working vital organs and the over the top mature grey haired man head that he came with.

    I have zero recollection of the toy ever having “Mission Disks” so this was a great piece of memory opened up in my own mind and some fun memories of playtime!

    But hey…that’s what this site is all about!

    Thanks for the comments guys!

  5. Jeff says:

    I had this toy as a kid and still have him tucked away. Like most who enjoyed this rare action figure most of my friends have never heard of Pulsar and usually look stunned when I described his functioning organs as a child’s toy and not a science project. Just this week my memory was sparked once again about Pulsar when a coworker mentioned having an action figure with exposed organs. I immediately spurted out Pulsar and was excited to find someone else that shared the same experience. I remember having a skydiving suite, helmet, and pack but I’m sure it was a bionic man accessory. My grandmother also made me a sleeping bag and a couple of outfits. After reminiscing withy coworker we both realized we neither knew the back story of why his organs were exposed; which brought me to your site. I guess we will never know but it is a relief to find others who went outside the box of GI Joe, Buck Rogers, and Bionic Man for their action figure.

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