Behold the Home Movie 1970s Stop-Motion Sci-Fi Epic, “Starbeast”


Whenever I see kid-made homemade movies like this, I am reminded just how unambitious I was when I was younger. It is just remarkable to find a kid who has the follow-through on anything and making movies takes some serious planning and commitment.

In “Starbeast”, which stars a bunch of adults who have landed on a mysterious planet in their finest summer-wear, we learn the true meaning of galactic terror. There, the crew of Star Cruiser 1 encounter the Starbeast. Can they defeat this trident wielding monster?? Find out in the all too short, Starbeast


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2 thoughts on “Behold the Home Movie 1970s Stop-Motion Sci-Fi Epic, “Starbeast”

  1. Love it! I too liked to make Super 8 films with fiends but it always degenerated into ridiculousness and sophomoric camera hogging.
    I can recall what the various toys and models that were used in this film except for two- where’s that trident originally from and that “caveman” troglodyte a mash-up of?

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