Stevie Wonder Says, “Don’t Drive Drunk” in this PSA from 1985


When this PSA aired on TV, my sister told me that Stevie had to do it because he had been arrested for drunk driving. Of course, I believed her, and went and told all my friends, who promptly mocked me for what felt like forever. I guess it doesn’t make much sense, but it makes for a much better back story to this PSA in my opinion.

Still it was pretty catch and proof that Mr. Wonder is talented enough to sing about anything and make it sound good.


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One thought on “Stevie Wonder Says, “Don’t Drive Drunk” in this PSA from 1985

  1. I hadn’t seen this PSA or the music video until now, but I remember the song well from my local FM radio station, WAMO, where it was in their music rotation for a short time. It’s a simple sounding song, the lyrics aren’t the most profound for Stevie, but it will stick in your head.


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