U68 Music Television Promo Reels


If you happened to live in the area surrounding New York City in the middle of 1980s, and enjoyed the UHF band, you would have been thrilled by the new U68. It was a music video station, that for a brief period was the only place many people without cable could get their TV based modern music fix. I lived right near the source tower for the station and it was coming in loud and clear on all the TVs in our house that did not have cable (only the living room had cable).

Here are some of the promos to give you and idea of the music you could expect to find on U68.

Here is a NJ-centric segment for U68 news featuring JAM ’86:


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9 thoughts on “U68 Music Television Promo Reels

  1. ddsw says:

    Hell yes. I watched the hell out of U68…it was a poor substitute for MTV, but we didn’t have cable and I took what I could get. My only other alternatives for music videos were the awesome Friday Night Videos and NY Hot Tracks. The thing I remember about U68 is they played the same videos in the same order all day in blocks a couple hours long. That was a drag, and the picture on my TV was often grainy, but I have fond memories of U68 anyway.

  2. Max Power says:

    I remember that grainy image. It was a little better if my little brother didn’t move while he was holding the UHF rabbit ears above his head.

  3. Bill Roller says:

    Let’s not forget the nightly wrestling shows at 7:00pm. This brought wrestling promotions other than WWWF to the New York City area.

  4. Check out La Bamba (of Conan O’Brien’s band) in that last video — without his trademark mustache!

    Boston had a similar UHF music video channel in the mid-80s, called V66. (We discuss V66 this week on my goofy podcast, The Flopcast. And there’s a V66 documentary currently in production.)

    I wonder how many other UHF music video channels were around back then…

  5. Christine says:

    I was glued to U68 until they turned into the Home Shopping Network? Parental units weren’t into cable, so this is how the kids subsided instead of having MTV. They used to have a 15 minute block that would repeat four times an hour… sort of remember Tears for Fears Everybody Wants to Rule the World, Kate Bush Running Up That Hill, The Church Tantalized (still a *great* band), and New Order Perfect Kiss. Over and over and over.

  6. Lombardo says:

    Yes, definitely! The video blocks were pre-recorded so that’s why there were repeated soooo much. But for the record, I was also glued to U68 on the daily, and thanks to U68 I discovered many amazing bands like Fishbone, the Jesus and Mary Chain, Beastie Boys, Kate Bush, The Cult, New Order, and countless others that ould help define a great part of my musical raison d’etre forevermore. God how I miss the hell out of that channel!!!!!

  7. andrew fernandez says:

    the only really time that u68 had audience support that when uncle Floyd was on.

  8. Robert N. Griffith says:

    Their slogan was U68 – Stereo Music Television From High Atop The Empire State Building….LOL

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