Disney’s Mouse is Making Fresh Tracks


Mickey Mouse has a new series of shorts airing on the Disney channel, they are also available on the Disney website and on Youtube. These shorts truly are short, only about three and a half minutes long (compared to the approximately seven minutes that each classic cartoon originally was). These shorts use 2D flash-like computer animation like so many other toons do these days, but the styles and comedy harken back to the golden days. Each cartoon is set in a specific and recognizable part of the world. Currently available shorts include; Tokyo Go, New York Weenie, Croissant de Triomphe, Ydelberg, and No Service.


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3 thoughts on “Disney’s Mouse is Making Fresh Tracks

  1. Three new ones are on youtube now; Stayin’ Cool, Gasp!, Panda-Monium
    These have also been put in comic book format, with 4 shorts per comic. These are somewhat abbreviated (for example, they skip the whole repeated clothes mixing up segment from “no service”) but otherwise identical to the animated versions.

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