In 1985, Coca-Cola Introduces the 3-liter “Thirst Buster”


Not only was I still in the throes of Ghostbusters fandom when this commercial hit the airwaves, but I was also starting what would become a hardcore soda pop habit. I remember bringing my first 3 liter home and my Grandmother staring at it in disbelief. I distinctly remember her telling me that there is no way a household should be able to finish something that large before it loses its carbonation. Since only my Mom and me drank soda, and my consumption was now being tightly monitored, she was right. Still, the novelty of this large-sized bottle has stuck with me, as has this commercial.

Who you gonna call?


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6 thoughts on “In 1985, Coca-Cola Introduces the 3-liter “Thirst Buster”

  1. Timmyb says:

    is Bill Cosby showing up very briefly and the end of this Commercial a form of subliminal advertising? Because I really want a 3 Liter Thirst Buster by Coke….COSBY!!!!

  2. I was curious about his appearance there as well. You think it was part of his contract or did they need to pay him a ton for that little moment?

  3. Timmyb says:

    Seems he was under contract with coke at the time. Bill Cosby just has a way of showing up at the right place and the right time. Would really like to see the contract he signed with Coke, just to see some of the stipulations that caused him to appear in a a commercial like this for less than a second.

  4. David Uranga says:

    I like the Retroist am a soda addict hardcore. I used to drink 6 cans of coke a day. So I drink diet now. or Dr. Pepper 10. That stuff is the best. I think it tastes better than Diet Dr. Pepper.

    That large 3 litter coke sure looks appealing.

    A copy of times when I went to 7-11 I would buy the 1 litter coke bottles. it makes the 20 oz bottle look like a kid’s size.

  5. GuitarAnthony says:

    Did Huey Lewis know about this? He’d probably sue Coke like he did Ray Parker Jr.

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