Enjoy the Disturbing “Bring Me the Head of Charlie Brown”


In 1986, while attending CalArts, future Simpsons director Jim Reardon directed and animated the B&W cult classic, Bring Me the Head of Charlie Brown. The film had a rough look to it, but it the parody is well executed and the seeing the Peanuts being this violent is both memorable and jarring. In the short, the Great Pumpkin puts a price on Good Ol’ Charlie Brown’s head and all of his friend try to collect. Finally at the end of his rope, Chuck snaps and goes on a killing spree. The thing then devolves into a bizarre violence montage.

It is not for everyone, but an interesting bit of cult film history.


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One thought on “Enjoy the Disturbing “Bring Me the Head of Charlie Brown”

  1. Awesome!
    Use to love getting ahold of Cal Arts films and watching them over and over back in my college days at NYU film school.
    This is from a time when anything animated done well was seen and talked about by practically everyone working in animation or studying animation (80s thru mid 90s).
    The 3/4″ and VHS tapes were circulated around from one hub of affecionadoes to the next.

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