The Monster at the end of this Book as read by Grover


I am a big fan of Grover and I have always had a special place in my heart for The Monster at the end of this Book. So I was very happy to find this video online that puts together pages from the book with Grover’s wonderful narration. Never read the book? Wondering what the monster will look like at the end of the book? The answer might surprise you (or not). Bookmark this video and share it with anyone who is not a fan of Grover to instantly turn them into a super Grover fan. Well a fan of Grover to a higher degree, not necessarily a fan of Grover’s alias of Super Grover. Although, they will probably enjoy Super Grover as well. So they will become a super Super Grover fan.


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2 thoughts on “The Monster at the end of this Book as read by Grover

  1. There is a really great app for the iPhone and iPad that has this same narration and there are some fun interactive elements. Both of my daughters love it! I highly recommend them.

    There is also one for the (not as good) sequel with Elmo.

    The Monster at the End of This Book…starring Grover!…starring/id409467802?mt=8

    Another Monster at the End of This Book…starring Grover & Elmo!

  2. This is one of my favorite books of all time. I loved it as a kid and have read it to my kids at bedtime too.

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