Shogun Warriors Colorforms Set (1978)

Images courtesy of Serious Toyz.Com

Images courtesy of Serious Toyz.Com

I stated on Friday’s post about the Shogun Warriors TV commercial that my brain is going into overdrive with memories about the classic Mattel line of toys because of the upcoming Pacific Rim film. I have a feeling you’ll be getting your fill of it this week so I truly hope you’ll bear with me as I trot out some of the great Shogun Warriors products, like the 1978 Colorforms set featuring the Great Mazinga, Raydeen, Dragun!
Shogun Warriors Colorforms - Serious Toyz.Com
Now for what it is worth, the Great Mazinga was always my favorite of the Shogun Warriors…though there is something to be said about Raydeen firing bird projectiles from his stomach and Dragun launching giant battle axes!


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One thought on “Shogun Warriors Colorforms Set (1978)

  1. Have this set!
    The SHOGUN WARRIORS were these great toys that snuck on the shelves without any fanfare or prior American Pop Culture history- much like the MICRONAUTS line of toys too.
    When I was a kid I was the first in the neighborhood to show up to school with the SHOGUN WARRIORS- I had been given a couple of the smaller, diecast figures in my Easter basket.
    I liked them because of their cool design and that I had no idea where they came from- although I suspected Japan.
    So I made up this whole mythology with them while playing and it was great!
    When the bigger, plastic SHOGUN WARRIORS came out by Mattel, I had gotten the Great Mazinga for Xmas as well as Godzilla- the two squared off against each other in epic battles in front of the light up Christmas tree with the little plastic army men from the Marx BATTLEGROUND set at their giant, wheeled feet.
    I read the Marvel comic books and was enthralled with all the giant WARRIORS from Mattel- except for the yellow one, Gaiking, with the eyesocket, nipple rockets :)
    Never got any other of the giant Mattel SHOGUNs, It sort of passed along out of my interest as things do with any pre-teen boy.

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