“Giants 3” By Daniel Mead!

Image courtesy of Daniel Mead's deviantART page.

Image courtesy of Daniel Mead’s deviantART page.

Last night over on the Retroist Facebook page there was an image posted of Goldar from the Space Giants 1967 TV series and it got me to wondering if perhaps someone on deviantART hadn’t also taken a fancy to the classic series. The answer is obviously yes when you look at the wonderful artwork pictured above from Daniel Mead’s deviantART page. Daniel has added a few more robots/mechs alongside Goldar with this 3rd entry in his “Giants” series. Can you name all of the characters pictured above?


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7 thoughts on ““Giants 3” By Daniel Mead!

  1. Two words. Alternate Universe versions. Wait…that was three words. Arrgh. I’m sticking with that answer, my friend. ;)

  2. Spotted Feather says:

    I’ve never heard of any of these except the Transformer, so that’s probably why I have no idea what you two are talking about….

  3. Do yourself a favor and look up some of the Shogun Warrior anime, Spotted Feather! Preferably the subtitled versions of course.

    Retroist, is it that he is a robot and has hair that unsettles you…or that he has giant antenna sticking out of that hair?

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