Do You Remember Playskool’s He-Man ButtonOns? (1983)

Images courtesy of He-Man.Org and Igorr.

Images courtesy of He-Man.Org and Igorr.

A big thanks to He-Man.Org for sharing these 1983 Masters of the Universe ButtonOns from Igorr’s collection. I have a very vague recollection of seeing these in the store but I suppose I was too old for the ButtonOns at that point, so I sadly do not have any personal memories attached to them. I do however think it was a neat idea to let a child wear an image of their favorite hero or villain just by putting a button hole to slip a button through…and that you could have worn one even if your shirt didn’t have a button.
Masters of the Universe B - ButtonOns - He-Man
I really couldn’t find anything online about how long this series of button adornments lasted, though I did find a Flickr account that showed the Cabbage Patch Kids at least also were available as ButtonOns. Anyone else have memories of Playskool’s ButtonOns?


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2 thoughts on “Do You Remember Playskool’s He-Man ButtonOns? (1983)

  1. Hello, I am the inventor of this item. It was only out for a short while when Hasbro bought Playskool. They dropped some of the new products as part of the integration of product lines. Button Ons are making a big comeback very soon, watch Hot Games & Puzzles fb page.

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