As an Adult, Paul finds a C64 Disc filled with his Programs from 1983


In this video from Weird Paul, we get to see what a masterful programmer Paul was back in 1983. None of the many discs I filled up as a kid survived, so this is a real treat to see how his programs all turned out and that some of them still exists.

Who didn’t type in line after line, but instead replaced names and words with something more humorous or took license with a successful movie franchise to make their own text adventure. Paul was doing it back in 1983, and as always, he has video of it to show off. The results are often hilarious, as are Paul’s reactions. I hope to see more of these videos to go along with Paul’s original VLOG time-capsules from the eighties.


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7 thoughts on “As an Adult, Paul finds a C64 Disc filled with his Programs from 1983

  1. I just had a similar experience not too long ago… Got my C64 up and running again, and bought a little uIEC/SD widget that lets a microSD card pretend to be a very large 1541.

    Found an old box of surviving floppies whose labels had all fallen off into a pile at the bottom of the box. Spent a weekend sorting through pirated european games, horrendous old poetry and stories I’d written in Jr. High, and recovered a bunch of magazine type-ins.

    Also found a pile of original programs, and some half-built text adventures. That last thing was cool, because a few years previously I’d found the grid paper I’d used while bored in school to plot out the dungeon and puzzles for the game.

  2. THAT was a funny video. And I thought the Pac-Man sprite was pretty good.

    I don’t have any of my programs I created with BASIC but I do remember trying my darndest to make an AI program similar to Joshua.

  3. I still have my discs & tandy color computer 3 (still in working order) from around 1990 or so. The problem is that I really don’t have a way to get them online, except perhaps for a convoluted system of recording from coco3 to dvd, then converting dvd to mp4.

  4. mwentworth says:

    Hey Drahken, I am in the process of collecting all the bits I need to build a Drivewire cable and cartridge to be able to use a PC as a drive. I think with that, you could load from your discs then save the programs to the PC and run them in an emulator and capture the video there. Well, it was easy when I thought of it, but listening to me explain it made me tired. Anyway it is going to be a great way to load the entire library of “legally obtained” software onto my Coco 3.

  5. John McCormick says:

    I have my C128 up and running but none of my programs from the past.

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