Siskel And Ebert Review ‘Dick Tracy’ (1990)

Movie Poster Image courtesy of IMP Awards.

Movie Poster Image courtesy of IMP Awards.

With the 1989 on set interview with Madonna posted earlier today by the Retroist regarding the release of Dick Tracy it seemed the absolute perfect time to share this film review by the late great Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert from back in 1990. What did the duo think of the film? Will it be like the Retroist’s first viewing of it? Watch this short clip from At The Movies and see for yourself!
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8 thoughts on “Siskel And Ebert Review ‘Dick Tracy’ (1990)

  1. Derek says:

    Remember seeing it first at that special midnight showing opening night. Received that special Dick Tracy tshirt. At the time thought it was a cool movie but has not really stood up over time ….IMHO..

    Wish in still had the tshirt…

  2. GammaDev says:

    This is really a great movie if you get what it is trying to do. It’s probably the first serious attempt to bring a comic strip to life instead simply making a movie version of a comic strip. Before there was 300 and Sin City, there was this. And more impressive this was all done with optical effects. It’s one of the last huge effects movies before the switch to digital. I have the issue of Cinefex magazine covering this movie and the scale and quality of the practical models and matte work are considered legendary. And it even has great music- Danny Elfman mixed plus Stephen Sondheim.

  3. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Yeah, I gotta try revisiting this one.

    And any Siskel and Ebert retro vid is mightily welcome, as those gents were like film-school teachers to amateur movie fans looking to graduate into deeper conversations about great cinema.

    Y’know, I find that any movies I had a hard time with can become a bit better upon additional viewings if there is artistry in other departments that can be taken in and enjoyed (like Dick Tracy’s colorful sets and wild acting by big-name stars).

    And, yeah Gamma, the music is pretty good too.

    Wonder if this is on the pitifully short list of films in our Canadian Netflix?

  4. I stocked up on Dick Tracey merchandise when this movie came out. I had me a communicator watch, the complete set of figures, posters, and the large oversized Dick Tracey newspaper comic collections which were quite nice!

    As for the movie..truthfully as a kid I didn’t like it. Did a rewatch a few Yeats back and “got it”. This franchise screams remake!

    The old Dick Tracey cartoon on Netflix was pretty decent for those who have never seen it!

  5. Yes, I saw that midnight screening for opening night and remember leaving a little disappointed (and tired!). I do still have the t-shirt for some reason, but certainly haven’t worn it possibly ever. I wanted to be there for a special pop culture moment, but unfortunately it fell short.

  6. @GammaDev I would argue that Popeye was the first serious attempt at bringing a comic strip to life but I agree with everything else you wrote.

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